Wife:   I rarely wonder what my husband sees when he looks at me.  Frankly,  most of the time, I don’t feel very beautiful.  I have become a master of hiding what I see as my physical flaws and I only ask him how I look after I am dressed and ready to go.

Husband:  I can’t understand why my wife in all her beauty hides herself when I walk in on her naked.  I see her as a whole being and find her “altogether beautiful”

“You are all together beautiful” Solomon 4:7


Solomon taught us there is something freeing about being “taken apart”:

BIBLE READING Solomon Chapter 7

1 How beautiful are your sandaled feet, O queenly maiden. Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a skilled craftsman. 2 Your navel is perfectly formed like a goblet filled with mixed wine. Between your thighs lies a mound of wheat bordered with lilies. 3 Your breasts are like two fawns, twin fawns of a gazelle. 4 Your neck is as beautiful as an ivory tower. Your eyes are like the sparkling pools in Heshbon by the gate of Bath-rabbim. Your nose is as fine as the tower of Lebanon overlooking Damascus. 5 Your head is as majestic as Mount Carmel, and the sheen of your hair radiates royalty. The king is held captive by its tresses. 6 Oh, how beautiful you are! How pleasing, my love, how full of delights! 7 Your stature is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters of fruit. 8 I said, “I will climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit.” May your breasts be like grape clusters, and the fragrance of your breath like apples. 9 May your kisses be as exciting as the best wine— Young Woman Yes, wine that goes down smoothly for my lover, flowing gently over lips and teeth.

DEVOTION: When we were done laughing at “the nose as fine as the tower of Lebanon”, and “hmming” at the “mound of wheat” between his lovers thighs, it was clear that Solomon saw the importance of acknowledging the beauty of his bride.  In this discription he did not comment on the encompassing beauty of his lover’s put together appearance.  He lavished words and metaphor on her  naked  body.   I can imagine as he wrote this,  his mind was rich with images and memories of  caressing his lover with his lips, with his hands and his eyes.

PRAYER:  We prayed over one anothers bodies.  We experienced a new deapth of awareness by focusing on each physical part of our bodies and allowing the Holy Spirit’s leading.  Each are called up its own unique need for prayer:  included physical healing, emotional healing, cleansing, forgiveness, protection..

ACTIVITY /Your Body is My Canvas

  • Tool Box:  A full length mirror and hand mirror, Water based markers (preferably scented) Optional: Blindfold (calms  body image concerns and can enhance playfulness and adventure for the husband) * husband reminder blindfold is for your wife (lol)
click here to see buying guide


  • Wife: Your challenge is to lie naked and still (try not to laugh; it tickles)  and allow your husband to use your body as a canvas.
  • Husband: Your challenge is to cover each and every square inch of your wife’s body with loving descriptions,  words of encouragement, and words of blessing and empowerment.  You can use the song of songs as a guide (be creative).  Remember to give some verbal cues assure your wife: “oh this is good”, “you’re going to like this”,  “now, be still”.
  • Together:  When you are all done stand your wife in front of a mirror for the big reveal.  Enjoy a time of reading  what is written paying attention to each area with caresses as you read.  And see where it leads.


Wife:  It didn’t take long for me to settle in and enjoy the soft cool touches of the markers on my skin.    I could sneak peaks at his involvement under my blindfold and his enthusiasm made me feel incredibly sexy.  In the end, I was hesitant to stand before the mirror naked,  however the lesson for me was that my sense of nakedness and embarrassment was covered by my husbands words written all over me.

Husband:  As I wrote each thing I was physically aroused.  The words I wrote emotionally stimulated me as I appreciated my wife  even more.


  • Psalm 139:14  I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  • Psalm 17, I am the apple of His eye
  • In Deuteronomy 7:6,  I am His treasured possession.

Variations: Vary the amount of clothing.  Wear the writing for a full 24 hours. Write with your finger or tongue and have partner guess what you wrote.   I like to secretly write affirming words on my husband’s hands while we are sitting in church.




Please let us know your experience or yourBible take-away. (and let us know if you wish to remain annonymous)

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