imageAs we compiled our box of devotions, my husband and I have done a lot of reading, research, and made many mistakes along the way.  We have had to weed through misinformation and pornographic content.

To help  enhance your devotion time we have included links to informative sites, products, and our own tip sheets.  We do our best to include only  links that were written by Christian Couples or professionals so that you do not have to weed through nudity or pornographic content.  Where there is a lacking in that venue,  we write and compile these tip sheets to summarize or give you relevant content.

We are glad you found our site and hope that you find it edifying and fun. Only you and your spouse can decide what is good for your marriage bed, what works you,  what you find appropriate, and what activities bring you closer to one another.

As for us, we believe that our sexual relationship as husband and wife  can play a significant role in guarding us from all kinds of  spiritual attacks, and our sexual intimacy opens us up to draw closer to one another.

We also believe that the sexual intimacy we share as husband and wife, can be used to reinforce and capture biblical truths and principlesthat increase our devotion to one another, God and his plans for our marriage.


Be blessed