Edging is about maintaining high levels of stimulation that keep you or your partner on the edge of orgasm for a long time, or through several stop start cycles.   Repeat or prolong   for as long as you want.  Maintaining high level of arousal and delaying orgasm can result in explosive orgasms

Husbands Can Practice Edging to prolong sex:  One kind of Edging is entirely on the husband.  Husbands can do this on his own with his own orgasm in order to give his wife time to climax.  (This is a skill that most can learn.  Most will agree that learning to delay your   orgasm so that your wife can enjoy you and you can climax together is a good skill worth learning).

Submissive  wait for permission to orgasm:  Another kind of edging  on the submissive partner.  The submissive must use self-control to delay orgasm until given permission by the dominant.  The dominant is relentless in maintain high levels of stimulation.

One spouse can control the other’s orgasm.  This Kind of edging is controlled physically by the dominant partner.   The dominant partner  stimulates the submissive spouse edging them.  The submissive can try to orgasm but the dominant is vigilant about keeping the submissive highly aroused and on the edge of orgasm.

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Overview of stimulating techniques to control orgasm

  • slow down as you sense the point of no return
  • Use slow steady stimulation
  • Switch techniques (stop clitoral stimulation and start vaginal penetration)
  • Pleasure multiple spots at once
  • Stop completely, focus on breathing (self denial) or talking to submissive
  • For self edging use a number scale to keep arousal at a 7 out of 10
  • use impact, (spanking) or other intense stimulation to interrupt arousal