For a more complete discussion on responsiveness for better sex check out this article:  The Importance of Sexual Responsiveness  Here is a summary  list of possible responses:

  • Verbal*
    • “faster, more, slower, don’t stop, yes, so big, you’re driving me crazy, I need you inside me, please,
    • dirty talk
    • crying out his name when you orgasm
    • moaning,  oh, ah,
  • Eye contact
  • Kissing 
    • kiss hands, neck, fingers,
  • Touch : Use Legs and hands
    • tighten your grip, interlace,  use nails,  squeeze, fondle, pull, grab
      Penetration. Push,
    • Pull or push for deeper penetration
    • Wriggle
    • If being restrained struggle and resist
  • Speed: Change speeds,  move faster, slower, and pause for effect
  • Skin contact: adjust positions to increase skin contact
    • push your breast towards him
    • nuzzle your face into your spouses neck, hair, chest
    • rub
  • ….
*Remember importance of safe word