Sensation play is a way to enhance your partners sensations it can be helpful in taking you both out of your  heads and into the moment.   It can involve  activating one of the senses with intentionality or depriving one or more senses to intensify other senses.

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Hearing:  It can start with simply talking to your partner, whispering in their ear, saying things that make them feel vulnerable or empowered.

Silence is very powerful.  Earmuffs or earplugs can add a sense of weightlessness.

Seeing:  You can deprive sight using blindfolds (easily made from bandanas, scarfs, sleep masks, headbands) which in turn heightens other sensations,  and anticipation.  Blindfolding a partner also can help with body image concerns, and  increase boldness for the sighted partner.

Enhancing sight can be powerful too, when deprived of touching a seductive dance, or striptease, elaborate costumes can all add to the sense of sight.

For the partner who is actively stimulating or depriving sensations in the other, you will want to be asking, “How are you doing?” and/ or paying close attention to your partners responses.  Notice how they are breathing, what noises they are making, how they are responding to your touch.

Remember the  importance of a safe word.

Here are some suggestions from Jessica Howe’s book ‘Kinky Sex: the Secret to Long-term Desire’,


Even the gentlest sensations feel incredibly erotic when your other senses are blocked out. Either use these as a warm-up to more intense play or as an end in themselves – either way, they feel great!

Feather dusters make great toys and can be used almost anywhere. Try one on your lover’s eyelids, nipples, inner thighs, the undersides of their arms, the soles of their feet and their elbow creases.
If they can hear you, heighten the anticipation by describing in detail what you’ll be doing later to each bit of their body as you brush a feather lightly over that part.
Gently nibble, lick or blow on different areas, closely watching your partner’s reactions to see which places they like best.
Slide your hand up the nape of your lover’s neck, grab a fistful of hair and gently grip.
Drag a cold metal spoon slowly over your lover’s skin, up the inside of their thighs or across their perineum. Intensify the feeling by putting the spoon in the freezer for half an hour before you play. (This is a good test to see if your partner is up for more adventurous temperature play  Sensation: Playing with “Fire And Ice” )
Run your nails lightly over your lover’s ticklish bits. Check beforehand with this one though – some people like being tickled whilst others hate it.
Ladies: try wearing different types of gloves. Stroking his cock softly or hard while you wear satin gloves can feel wonderful, and some men love the feel of latex or leather gloves.
Trail silk across your lover’s skin. It can feel incredible across his testicles or over her pussy lips.
Use a vibrator on various parts of the body (this works for both men and women).
For a unique sensation, use a pen to write or draw over your lover’s body. Waiting till after the scene to discover what’s written draws out the sense of anticipation for your lover.

For more on Sensation play check out this post from Married Christian Sex: Intense Focus on Your Senses Makes Great Sex


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