If dripping hot wax on bare skin, or tracing a melting ice cube on their partners skin is something that you and your partner are curious about, proceed with safety in mind.  There is a lot of information availabe, that and the nature of the search can be daunting if not overwhelming.   So here are just a few things that we have found helpful

Playing with fire and hot wax can burn!  Wax melts at different temperatures  and using the wrong kind of wax on your partner increases the chances of burning your partner’s skin.  Your partner’s skin may become more tolerant to the temperature and absent pain, skin still burns.

Precautions to reduce burn risk:

  • There are  candles made specifically for sex play, or low temperature candles that melt at etremely low temperatures.  Candles made from soy can have such a low melt point that the wax never fully hardens.  Paraphin wax candles have higher melt temperatures and burn more.
  • Colored and sented candles may also melt at higher temperatures.
  • Candles that are in votive glasses or in containers may burn hotter as they are effected by the heat resonating from the container as it heats up.
  • Tapered candles or birthday candles that have pointy or tapered ends have less time to cool as they drip so this wax is fresh and burns hotter
  • Pillar candles that are cylindrical have a flat surface allow the melted wax  to pool and cool a bit before dripping.
  • The closer candle is to the skin the hotter it will be.  Holding the candle further away allows the dripping wax to cool.
  • Pooling the wax on the skin or bellybutton increases risk of burns (don’t do it)
  • Consider the safety of your surroundings, have a fire extinguisher, water or wet towls nearby and have caution around flamible objects (including hair).
  • Have a bucket or pan available where you can place burning candles
  • Remember some areas of skin are less tolerant to heat and tolerance builds up, determine ahead of time what areas to avoid
    • Avoid bodily orifices, sensitive membrane can be easily damaged and its difficult to remove wax
    • Stay away from face and head, it is too risky and again difficult to remove wax
    • Keep candle moving or drip in inclined areas so that the melted wax runs over the skin
    • Torso, and backs are safer targets while inner thighs and other more sensitive parts can be approached with caution
    • For sensual experience, get your partner to lie on their front and run wax along their shoulder blades.
  • Be sure to communicate; sounds of pain can be confused with sounds of pleasure , role playing might include protesting, or begging…so a signal or safe word is helpful.

Additional Tips

  • Wax is messy consider putting down a towl or drop cloth to catch stray drips, and the dry wax after it is pealed offf
  • Removing the wax can also be part of  sensation play



  • Cold has a similar sensation as hot,  using fozen spoons, ice cubes or frozen food, paired with the sound of a lighter, and smells of burning wax can be a safer alternative to using heat
  • Be careful,  frozen and moist body parts  or in humid temperatures do not mix well (remember: A Christmas Story‘s pole scene)  keep warm water close by to unstick, or begin with ice that has already begun melting
  • Warm water will unstick ice,
  • Warming massage oils,  ointments, muscle rubs can heat things up
  • Objects, rocks, or food heated in hot water or a warming cloth (test heat before using)