Devotion 5: My Star Receiver

HUSBAND:  My wife and I were equating Football playbooks with our “for-play cards” (more on that later).   I was explaining that the two teams  are strategic in knowing their opponents.  They have a game plan specific and have a set of plays ready to run on them to make their goal.  Then it came to me I had been considering my wife and me to be on opposing teams.  Wow,  really?  I know my wife is not the opposition she is my star receiver.   

WIFE:  Scarred from an affair in my first marriage, I started my second marriage with a plan to be a sexual fantasy girl for my husband.  Because some of my motives were stemmed in insecurity,  sex became a source of conflict. Part of the problem was, that  in my pre-occupation with being hot and sexy:  I never asked him what he wanted from me, and I had not really considered what I truly wanted from him.

The Matthew chapter 7 and James chapter 4 have  something to say about asking, receiving, and giving.

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Devotion 4: Silent Invitations: Drawing Near

Husband:  Sex is the easy part…the hard part is catching her in the right mood.  She tells me she wants to feel desired but my strategy hardly works (even when I do exactly what she says she wants).
Wife:  My husband came up to me from behind and nibbled on my neck.  Ok so I didn’t melt into his arms.  I want him to pursue me, but mostly I experience his attempts as question marks and my default is “not now” or “”no”.
The book of James Chapter 4 and John 3: 36-37 clear up some misconceptions about how to pursue. Read more

Devotion 3: You Do Have to Take Your Clothes Off (updated)

Husband: You have to get undressed to have sex. (Ok not entirely true).  What I would like to say is that when it comes to getting undressed I routinely rip my wife’s clothes off.  You know, buttons fly off, cloth ripping, she gasps and falls helplessly across the bed… But in reality its more often like:  moan,  tug,  nudge.

Wife:  When I think about undressing, I think about our wedding night.  To this day we both laugh remembering the crazy awkward way we undressed.  I like the idea of undressing as part of foreplay; steamy, wild or even silly…but undressing has slipped quietly undercover.

The book of Hebrews Chapter 12  had something to say about stripping off encumbrances and the sins that entangle us: Read more